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Grab These Cute, Valentine's Day Cupcake Toppers FREE, let Cupid sprinkle your cupcake with love...

 Valentine’s Day is a big deal in our household! Growing up in a house full of girls, I remember we would wake up to Valentine’s gifts from my dad. It would be a plush stuffed animal holding up an “I LOVE YOU” heart, a chocolate heart, and a sweet card. Then, as we got older, we started to receive bouquets of flowers and sometimes dad would send them to school. Walking around school with your flowers was always a huge thing(even if it was from your dad!)

As a mom, my husband and I have continued this tradition for our children. We each make our own Valentines Cards to pass to each other. I decorate our house with a few heart items scattered around our dining room where the kiddos will wake up to some heart inspired breakfast items. I design their Valentines Cards to pass to their friends at school, Storytime, and any after school activity we have scheduled the week of Valentines Day.

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Your FREE Cupcake Toppers

Now, if you know me very well, you would know I do not bake (ahem I leave all the baking to my awesome sister). This year my daughter has shown an interest to follow in her Aunt’s footsteps and is always asking me to bake with her. She will watch videos or look through books on how to decorate cookies and cupcakes. Please keep in mind she is only 4 years old, she has a heart of gold and is extremely creative. So, this Valentine’s Day she wants to surprise her brothers and dad with some cupcakes for dessert. She has already planned out how her cupcakes will be decorated & I will be guiding her & crossing my fingers I do not burn her little cupcakes. After shopping for the ingredients, she asked me to make “stick pictures” also known as Cupcake Toppers.

Today, I am sharing with you the Cupcake Toppers my little Pastry Chef will be using for her delicious cupcakes. These toppers are a perfect way to add a little touch of Love to your delicious cupcakes. Here are few steps on how to assemble.

1.      Download PDF file that contains 12 – 2” circle designs.

2.      Print the file from your home printer

3.      Cut or Use a 2” circle hole punch

4.      Attach the circle to a toothpick

5.      Place the topper onto your cupcake

6.      Admire

7.      Enjoy the delicious cupcake!


I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day as much as we do! Do you enjoy crafting and decorating food as much as we do? We'd love to hear your comments below, we promise not to bite! 

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